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 HELP Getting STarted WebFXMenuBar, hockey player, August 30, 2004

Subject: HELP Getting STarted WebFXMenuBar From: hockey player Date: August 30, 2004

Can anyhone explain why I cannot get my menubar to construct?

I deployed the installation onto my build tree, then i reference the js files as documented.

The javascript error I receive is

WebFXMenuBar is undefined

The source path is ok because the menuitems give no errors.

Thanks for any hints.


<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="WebFX/menu4/local/webfxlayout.js"></script>

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

 // Define Menu's
 var helpMenu = new WebFXMenu;
 helpMenu.add(new WebFXMenuItem("Help", "nop.jsp", "Help"));
 helpMenu.add(new WebFXMenuSeparator());
 helpMenu.add(new WebFXMenuItem("About", "nop.jsp", "About"));

 var reportsMenu = new WebFXMenu;
 reportsMenu.add(new WebFXMenuItem("History", 'nop.jsp', "History"));
 reportsMenu.add(new WebFXMenuSeparator());
 reportsMenu.add(new WebFXMenuItem("Reports", 'nop.jsp', "Reports"));

 var adminMenu = new WebFXMenu;
 adminMenu.add(new WebFXMenuItem("Users", 'nop.jsp', "Users"));
 adminMenu.add(new WebFXMenuSeparator());
 adminMenu.add(new WebFXMenuItem("Maintenance", 'nop.jsp', "Maintenance"));

 // Define Menu Bar
 var scMenuBar = new WebFXMenuBar;
 scMenuBar.add(new WebFXMenuButton("Assets", 'nop.jsp', "Asset Management"));
 scMenuBar.add(new WebFXMenuButton("Control", "nop.jsp", "Control"));
 scMenuBar.add(new WebFXMenuButton("Resources", "nop.jsp", "Resources"));

 scMenuBar.add(new WebFXMenuButton("Administration", null, "Administration", adminMenu));
 scMenuBar.add(new WebFXMenuButton("Reports", null, "Reports", reportsMenu));
 scMenuBar.add(new WebFXMenuButton("Help", null, "Help", helpMenu));

 scMenuBar.add(new WebFXMenuButton("Logout", 'nop.jsp', "Logout"));












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