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 Context menu, Hans, August 22, 2004
     Re:Context menu, Erik Arvidsson, August 29, 2004
     Re:Context menu, anon, August 26, 2004

Subject: Context menu From: Hans Date: August 22, 2004

I need to fix one problem and add one feature to Jared Nuzzolillo's and Erik's context menu.

1. The fix is the problem where the first time you right-click, the menu size isn't calculated properly - This is only if you have a seperator bar in the menu. The second time you right-click, it works fine. This behaviour can be seen from the context menu demo page also. How can I fix this?

2. The feature I need is to be able to add sub-menu's from the context menu. How can I do this?

I am willing to pay someone to do this.

- Hans



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