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 showModalDialog problem, Balázs horváth, August 2, 2004
     Re:showModalDialog problem , Prezimir, August 17, 2004
     Re:showModalDialog problem, Erik Arvidsson, August 5, 2004

Subject: Re:showModalDialog problem From: Prezimir Date: August 17, 2004

Hi there,

Indeed using frames in your Modal Dialog will solve your problem and I strongly recommend this solution. There is another solution however which is a bit more elegant imho:

Put <base target="_self"> in the <head> section of your Modal Dialog file, and then use form submit, hyperlink or javascript to change/reload your page and it will happen in the Modal Dialog.

Good luck

From: Balázs horváth
Sent: August 2, 2004
Subject: Re:showModalDialog problem

Hi All!

My web application has a modal window, what shows employee list depend on a query.
If I change the query parameters (exammple: all Employees from A to C), a new window opening.
I need about these in the same window.

I tried so:

<script language="javascript">
  function ReQuery(AObj)  {

<A href="" target="_self" onclick="Requery(this);"><img border="0" src="..."></A>

Any idea?

Regards, Balázs


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