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 WebFx xmenu, Joo Ronaldo, June 26, 2004
     Re:WebFx xmenu, Christian, August 10, 2004

Subject: Re:WebFx xmenu From: Christian Date: August 10, 2004

You ask:
   >2- the form elements (like combobox) overlap it. How can I solve this?
You cannot solve it. It's an inherited IE-bug. Look in MSDN for "windowed elements" and you'll find some background.
The Microsoft proposed workaround is to enumerate the "windowed" elements om the page, ie. the dropdowns (input type select is really not a "combo"), objects, and (in some IE-vesiuons) the iframes, and use jscript to set their visibility to 'hidden'. And further reset to visible/inherit when the menu disappear...really cumbersome.


From: Joo Ronaldo
Sent: June 26, 2004
Subject: Re:WebFx xmenu

Hi folks!

First of all, Id like to congratulate you for the WebFX site.

Now, Im trying to use the xmenu.window and I faced some problems.

It works correctly but there are two things that worry me:

1-       Id like to change the menu bar position on a specific top px.

2-       When I click on a Menu, it shows the Menu Itens, the form elements (like combobox) overlap it. How can I solve this?





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