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 occasional empty entries placed on menus., kcski28, August 9, 2004
     Re:occasional empty entries placed on menus., kcski28, August 25, 2004

Subject: occasional empty entries placed on menus. From: kcski28 Date: August 9, 2004
I am using DHTML Menu 4.2 to do fairly standard menu bottons each which has an associated drop down menu hierarchy. Occasionally, the menu will be rendered with extra empty menu items at the bottom of the menu. The extra items are grey in color, and can be one or more entries. The entries will remain on the menu each time it is displayed, until an item is selected off the menu. It then goes away until the browser is restarted - at which point they are back. The items also appear on submenus in the hierarch with the same characteristics - stays until any item is selected from the submenu.

The few data points I have indicate it is limited to subset of machines running XP and IE 6.x SP1 with a particular set of updates. I can not duplicate it under W2K with IE 6.x SP1 and another set of updates, W2K with IE 5.5 or under XP with IE 6.x SP1 and yet a different set of patches.

Analysis of the sets of updates and browser combinations point at update Q813489, but that is "critical update" that contains other updates, yada, yada, yada. So it is difficult to pin down whether it will resolve the issue.

Has any one seen this and more importantly, is there a way to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.


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