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 ColumnList Bug, JulGon, June 7, 2005
     Re:ColumnList Bug, zhu li xun, July 18, 2005
     Re:ColumnList Bug, zhu li xun, July 18, 2005

Subject: Re:ColumnList Bug From: zhu li xun Date: July 18, 2005

        if(tempStr.substring(0,5)=='<DIV>' || tempStr.substring(0,5)=='<div>')

IE==<DIV>   firefox==<div>

is my way!

From: JulGon
Sent: June 7, 2005
Subject: Re:ColumnList Bug

Hello! I have found a bug in the object ColumnList.

The method getCellValue returns the innerHTML of the object cell, which includes an object DIV, therefore, instead of returning the text contained in the cell, comes back something like: <DIV>text</DIV>

Thank you for his attention.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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