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 Reg: DHTML Menu not working, Arjun, April 8, 2005
     Re:Reg: DHTML Menu not working, Arjun, April 9, 2005

Subject: Reg: DHTML Menu not working From: Arjun Date: April 8, 2005


    I am facing a problem with a download from webfx (i.e http://webfx.eae.net/dhtml/select/selectCool.html). This is a sample for DHTML menu from webfx. This sample has a drop down box & list box in it. When you click on the drop down box, it displays a list of options available. And when you click one of the options it displays a message box.

I am automating the same mechansim using WinRunner. The script does nothing but click on the drop down list and select one of the option from the list. The script is able to click on the option but not able to display the message box(which is in function optionClick()), as the function optionClick() is there in select.js is not being invoked. I just wanted to know why this fuction is not called in automation. Could it be due to IE or webfx related issue. Can anyone help me on this.




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