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 BUGS: IE5.5, Andrew Frolov, August 22, 2000
     Re:BUGS: IE5.5, Tom McK, October 1, 2000

Subject: BUGS: IE5.5 From: Andrew Frolov Date: August 22, 2000


1. Color and images of disabled items in top menu is invalid: images is white colored, background is grey (not system button color! it is another color that system buttons in windows ME), and it has dark grey boxes on the right side.

2. Subject, From, Send headers in message viewer is white font color on dark gray background, not like Outlook style: Black font-color on system button color background

3. It is reseting to default height if i'll press "Show message tree" twice button after manually changed size of message window

4. It is not changing the image of read messages (only disables bold), as Outlook


Is it possible to make treeview colums resizable?


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