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 To Erik: Paying for DHTML Menu 4.x and a Question, John Kim, January 5, 2004
     Re:To Erik: Paying for DHTML Menu 4.x and a Question, Erik Arvidsson, January 6, 2004
         Re:To Erik: Paying for DHTML Menu 4.x and a Question, Håkan, January 19, 2004

Subject: Re:To Erik: Paying for DHTML Menu 4.x and a Question From: Håkan Date: January 19, 2004
An addition to question 2 is of course that VBScript is only supported by Internet Explorer browsers, thus making the entire script completely useless in the other five gazillion or so browsers out there.

Of course, if you have extreme knowledge in VBScript and really would like to build something IE-specific that would probably work out fine, yes, but personally I can't see a reason to use anything other than THE client side scripting language, namely JavaScript.

On a more personal note, I find JavaScript far more efficient and "real" in terms of scripting language as opposed to Microsofts Visual-Basic-To-Web-port. As I've been forced to use both languages in different projects, I've learned that writing applications/code snippts in JavaScript saves a lot of time.

But this is all just on a personal note.

1. I'll see if I can find the email in question again and get back to you.

2. JScript is an object oriented language and therefore it is well suited for creating controls. I'm almost sure one could do the same with VBS but I don't see a reason to why anyone would want to (unless their VBS knowledge is of course much better than their JS knowledge).


Hi Erik.
Two things:
1). Many months ago, I contacted you regarding licensing costs and I received a quote for the prices. However, my company has a specific procedure for sending out payment, which first involves receiving an itemized bill (fax or mail only), which is then sent to another department.
Thus, I sent the compay address and fax information back but nobody heard back from you, so I'm guessing that the email was overlooked somehow.
Also, if this product is still being supported, please let me know on this board and I will resend the information by email with the necessary information.
2). Is there any technical reason why DHTML Menu 4.2 was written in JavaScript?
That is, is there any technical limitation in VBScript that makes writing an equivalent menuing system far more difficult?
Many thanks.


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