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 Extending DOM methods, manuel razzari, June 22, 2004
     Re:Extending DOM methods, Steven, June 30, 2004
         Re:Extending DOM methods, Erik Arvidsson, July 19, 2004

Subject: Re:Extending DOM methods From: Steven Date: June 30, 2004
Add it as a prototype to the "HTMLElement" interface (Gecko-only, though):

HTMLElement.prototype.getElementsByClass = function(strNeedle){ ... }

Hello, I've got a getElementsBy... function, I'd like to have it available to any DOM object like the other DOM methods...
Currently I have
document.getElementsByClass = function(strNeedle){ ... }
I'd like to be able to use it not only with document but with any other DOM object, like myDiv.getElementsBy...
I haven't been able to google how to do it... thanks for your help!
- manuel


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