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 rtl bug in Ie6.0 for Xmenu, michel, June 20, 2004

Subject: rtl bug in Ie6.0 for Xmenu From: michel Date: June 20, 2004
The Xmenu project
i'm using in my pages with the html attribute <html dir=rtl> , so i want that the menu botton start from the right sideof the page
and the direction of the sub menu will scroll to the right
well in IE5.0 it works Good
i allmost did not change nothing
but in IE6.0 the positions of the  sub menus still in the left position
I  change a little  in the js code , i use your function for the right content menu for all the menu
that make the scorll direction  of the sub mune to the right
but the firet menu "run" to the left
what can i do?


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