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 Unicode Standard and ecape, Eske Entelund, January 19, 2004
     Re:Unicode Standard and ecape, Erik Arvidsson, January 19, 2004

Subject: Unicode Standard and ecape From: Eske Entelund Date: January 19, 2004

What is the best way to handle letters from different languages like the german :  .The Danish and

Or this arabic line of text.

فؤنتةكاني عةلي    ئينتةرنصت دةكةن بةكوردي      

When these type of text is submitted to the server it will be escaped like this:


Is it a good idea just to keep it in the database in this form,

And if you keep it in the database in this form

How do you then put it on another HTML page ?

I know I can put it on the HTML page like this:


But I cannot use that solution I feel, I want to put it on the webpage without using client side javascript.





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