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 xTree 1.17 - setBehavior('explorer') not working as expected, Rick Mcknight, May 6, 2004

Subject: xTree 1.17 - setBehavior('explorer') not working as expected From: Rick Mcknight Date: May 6, 2004

Using xTrees 'explorer' behavior setting
causes expanded folders to display in the wrong state.
In other words, when I click on the Plus sign next to a folder, the folder displays as closed.
Then, when I click the Minus sign, the folder displays as open.
If I double click on a folder to expand it, the folder will display correctly (open),
But, when I double click on that folder again to collapse it, the folder still displays as open.

You can duplicate this by simply loading the demo (xtree117.zip) and setting
the   setBehavior('classic');   line to   setBehavior('explorer');   in tree.js

Any remedies for this?

PS - I did my testing on windows 2000 and on windows xp, with IE 6 sp1.


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