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 Safari/Sortabletable, Max Waterman, April 9, 2004
     Re:Safari/Sortabletable, Erik Arvidsson, April 18, 2004

Subject: Safari/Sortabletable From: Max Waterman Date: April 9, 2004
I notice that some functions of the sortabltable do not work on Safari.

I have recently upgraded the OS to 10.3.3 (so Safari is 1.2.1(125.1)). I didn't notice any problems with it before the upgrade. Does anyone know if there's been a regression?

For example, this page :


the top table works fine (all columns sortable), but the bottom table's buttons have no effect.

This table :


seems to show the same effect I am seeing in my implementation; clicking any column sorts by the first column.

Anyone know what's going on? If you give me enough info, I will be happy to log a bug with Apple, if it proves necessary.




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