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 SSL problem, Gene, June 10, 2004
     Re:SSL problem , Gene, June 10, 2004
     Re:SSL problem, Gene, June 10, 2004

Subject: Re:SSL problem From: Gene Date: June 10, 2004

Never mind (he said sheepishly). I found a message in February concerning use of the IFRAME element and the src attribute recommending pointing it to a blank page on the site, I set it to null instead and am not getting the annoying security message anymore.

Setting it to null could be an implemented solution in the source code.

For some reason when I did my original search for IFRAME in the source I didn't find a reference, guess it was one of those Microsoft patches that was causing the problem with not finding what I was searching for >;)

From: Gene
Sent: June 9, 2004
Subject: Re:SSL problem

I'm having an issue with using the IE DHTML menu in an SSL environment.

First of all, I really like the way the menu operates and this is the first issue which I have had using the menu after spending a day figuring out how to convert our existing apPopMenu applet param string to implement the IE DHTML menu.

I only have a few more things to accomplish in this proof of concept before we begin testing the menu, and then if all goes well a purchase is forthcoming.

Right now this SSL issue is a show stopper if we can find no way to prevent the security warning issued from IE when clicking on the menubutton.

I have attempted to trace the code, but have been unable to determine the offending code which may be causing this warning. Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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