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 XLoad Tree & Images, Mario Rodrigues, January 15, 2004
     Re:XLoad Tree & Images, Erik Arvidsson, January 17, 2004
         Re:XLoad Tree & Images, Tony Lavey, March 22, 2004

Subject: XLoad Tree & Images From: Mario Rodrigues Date: January 15, 2004

Hi, I have a large tree that loads dynamically via an external XML file.  I'm finding that the images take a long time to load even though the XML portion is fast.  I'm wondering if we can cache the images somehow so that when an image is re-used later in the tree, it uses the cached version rather than loading it again.  Sometimes I see 594 items remaining in the status bar, when in fact, only 6 distinct images are used and they've already been used higher up in the tree.

Will version 2 fix this - and if so - when can we expect version 2.

Note: can we pay for it sooner? :-)



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