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 Select list dropdown z index, Dosti, November 10, 2003
     Re:Select list dropdown z index, Erik Arvidsson, November 14, 2003

Subject: Re:Select list dropdown z index From: Erik Arvidsson Date: November 14, 2003
This is a known bug in IE. You'll have to hide all select (getElementsByTagName("SELECT")).


If you have two select elements on page one under another, then dropdown part of upper select list is displayed under another one.
select element is webfx select list (select.js)
dropdown is the part of select list when it's clicked.
The select size is 1, means the select is in drop-down mode.
the top part of select stays on top of another select's dropdown.
Hope this description is clear.
This cannot be fixed with css. tried everything. didn't want to touch the code.


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