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 Table CSS bug or not ?, Dave, May 30, 2004
     Re:Table CSS bug or not ?, Erik Arvidsson, May 31, 2004

Subject: Table CSS bug or not ? From: Dave Date: May 30, 2004


I've noticed something strange, and I do not know wheter this is a bug or not.
I have a table cell, with a border of 2px outset.
    I have also a span, with a border of 2px outset.

What happens is this:
    The shadow color of the span is darker than the shadow border of the cell.
    The threedhighligh color of the cell is 2px, of the span is 1px.

There is no difference when I set the table border-collapse to collapse.
I hope anybody can explain me what I am doing wrong.



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