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 XTree and Scrollbars, Cody Wehunt, May 19, 2004
     Re:XTree and Scrollbars, Erik Arvidsson, May 21, 2004
         Re:XTree and Scrollbars, Cody Wehunt, May 28, 2004

Subject: Re:XTree and Scrollbars From: Erik Arvidsson Date: May 21, 2004
I think you are using parts from the demo page that you should not include in your page. All you need is the call to document.write (and include the js and css file).


I have xtree instances being dynamically created in a menu frame which has scrolling = yes. When I drill down the menu tree, and it grows larger than the frame, I get two sets of scrollbars. One for the frame and one for the menu. I tried turning off scrolling on the frame, but then it does not allow me to scroll to the bottom of the menu, only partially using the scrollbars on the menu. Any ideas on what I can do to make this work?


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