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 DatePicker placed on a FORM, Václav Ševčík, August 10, 2003
     Re:DatePicker placed on a FORM, Erik Arvidsson, August 11, 2003
         Re:DatePicker placed on a FORM, Bane, September 11, 2003
             Solution, Bane, September 11, 2003

Subject: Re:DatePicker placed on a FORM From: Bane Date: September 11, 2003
i have the same problem,

i edit the demo.html of the datepicker article

insert a <form> and </form> tag

open the page on IE 6 and an error accours and resolve to an dns problem (page could not be found) after it was shortly displayed.

if i reedit the html page and remove the datepicker from within the form everything works fine on IE.

btw on mozilla, NS ... it also works fine if the datepicker is within the <form> </form> tags. So where is the problem, i cant really find it. plz help.

thanks Bane


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