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 Frames and CoolButtons, Alec Britton, August 18, 2003

Subject: Frames and CoolButtons From: Alec Britton Date: August 18, 2003


I am having an issue which is specifically being caused by coolbuttons, although I believe in general that it is a result of javascript activity and image loading in frames in IE 5-6. I was wondering if anybody else has had similar problems with coolbuttons or any other JS. The problem is this:

1st, I am using frames in IE 6 which is not the cause itself but creates ground for the error as it does not occur on a regular page. I have a jsp driven app running in a frame that uses many coolbuttons. Because of the nature of the app the user client must have their browser set to always check for new page versions (I know, bad idea to make things browser setting dependent, but this is a very specific area in which client/developer have agreed upon a set environment).

The problem comes when swapping images on mouseover, which has to go to server-side every time due to the cache settings required in the browser. Either at what seems like a random interval or if you furiously mouse over all the buttons quickly (remember, there are lots of them) they will all disappear as you mouse over. As far as I can tell no request for the new image is made to the server and the existing one becomes blank as there is nothing to replace it with. There is no detectable activity at this point getting beyond the client browser. Server logs show no exceptions or errors of any kind. It's basically like IE just stops wanting to talk to the server.

The problem is easily rectified by reopening the browser, but that will not do for a person who just spent 20 minutes inputting data and hasn't had a chance to submit it yet.

Has anybody seen this before that knows why exactly this happens? We also have a problem with infinite progress bar activity that I believe to be related to the above issue. Seems like frames don't play well with javascript and jsp. Any comments?


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