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 IE popup object, Mike, May 11, 2004
     Re:IE popup object, Mike, May 12, 2004

Subject: IE popup object From: Mike Date: May 11, 2004


I am trying to create a custom context menu for an IE-only intranet application.  I am using the popup object (window.createPopup).  The problem I'm having is that it doesn't open relative to my cursor position. My show popup function looks like this:

function showPopup(){
  var oX = event.offsetX;
  var oY = event.offsetY;
  oPopup.show(oX, oY, 165, 250, window.location);

I can adjust it so that the menu opens where I want,but if I move the browser window the locations get all screwed up. In the microsoft examples, they set the parent or 5th parameter to a div or a form field.I am using window.location, but that's not working.

Any advice is appreciated.




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