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 Script Debugger in Visual J++ and IE5, Walter Rumsby, October 7, 1999

Subject: Script Debugger in Visual J++ and IE5 From: Walter Rumsby Date: October 7, 1999


I've been using the script debugger in Visual J++ along with IE5 and recently IE5 has been crashing a lot.

A couple of months ago I installed a patch to allow Visual J++ and IE5 to exist happily together. Before that point when debugging IE4 Visual J++ would crash relatively regularly, but since installing the patch and IE5 things have been pretty smooth.

Over the past few days IE has been crashing lots, but only in certain circumstances. From what I can tell it is when I am using the debugger and when a new window is being opened or a window is being refreshed.

I'm prepared to accept that maybe it's my code that is messing stuff up. I'm passing a lot of information between windows using JScript, which IE may not enjoy too much.

However, I do wonder if there are some crazy things going on with J++. Has anyone out there run into similar problems? If so let me know.



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