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 sortabletable Mac compatible?, dack, March 20, 2004
     Re:sortabletable Mac compatible?, Erik Arvidsson, March 26, 2004
     Re:sortabletable Mac compatible?, Emil A Eklund, March 22, 2004
         Re:sortabletable Mac compatible?, Samara Crutchfield, May 6, 2004

Subject: Re:sortabletable Mac compatible? From: Samara Crutchfield Date: May 6, 2004
I use Safari (v 1.2.1) and was able to work the WebFX sort table demo without difficulty (it's one of the few scripts I found that did). :)

I also tested it on IE (v 5.2.3), but it didn't work... Unfortunately (for me), that's a deal-killer as far as using what I took to be one of the more clearly-commented and simple-to-install (for beginners) sort table scripts I found, after many hours of looking. :(

I would be interested in using this script if you decide in the future to modify it to include IE compatibility.



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