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 Animated gifs detailed, Csaba Fuzi, April 29, 2004
     Re:Animated gifs detailed, f, June 9, 2004
     Re:Animated gifs detailed, Erik Arvidsson, May 1, 2004

Subject: Re:Animated gifs detailed From: Erik Arvidsson Date: May 1, 2004
What browser are you using. My guess is that it is an IE bug.


In my webpage Animated gifs stop if I use Xtree clicking on the textpart of the node, if I click on the + or - sign or on the folder picture it works fine, I mean the animated gifs do not stop. I have the same probleme width xmenu id I click on the menubar the animated gifs stop , clicking on the other menu elements the animated gifs do not stop.Do you know a possible workaround ?


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