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 Grid Bug? Help me!!!, Lucas, June 25, 2003
     Re:Grid Bug? Help me!!! , Vijay, July 16, 2003
     Re:Grid Bug? Help me!!!, Mellie, June 26, 2003

Subject: Re:Grid Bug? Help me!!! From: Mellie Date: June 26, 2003

in function WebFXGridCell.prototype._generateCell (when adding a
row with addRow) this.parent.parent.colLinkData[c] is causing d[1] to
reference a false object and as a result the new row cannot be added.
Just leave one of them (e.g. remove [c]) and it will work.


From: Lucas
Sent: June 25, 2003
Subject: Re:Grid Bug? Help me!!!

Hi there!

I am trying to use grid, but I think there's a kind of bug when adding a new row.I created a new grid with 12 collumns.:

var aHeaders = [
 'Dt Coleta',
 'H. Col',
 'Dt Entrega',
 'V. Material',
 'V. Paciente', 
 'Veio M.'
var aRowIds = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12];
var oGrid = new WebFXGrid(0,12); //0 rows

Then I created a funcion to add a new row from a pushing button, as seen below:

function AddRowtoGrid(){
var aData = [['1.1','1.2','1.3','1.4','1.5','1.6','1.7','1.8','1.9','1.10','1.11','1.12']];



<input type="button" value="ok" name="B1" onclick="javascript:AddRowtoGrid();">

When I press the button to create a new row I get a javascript erro message:

"'1' is null or is not an object"

Can anybody help me please????

Thanks a lot!


Lucas - Brazil


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