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 DHTML Menu - Text Size, Nikolai Soumarokov, June 12, 2003
     Re:DHTML Menu - Text Size, Erik Arvidsson, June 12, 2003
     Re:Double Linefeed, Erik Arvidsson, June 14, 2003
         Re:Double Linefeed, Jonas Jensen, June 14, 2003

Subject: Re:Double Linefeed From: Erik Arvidsson Date: June 14, 2003
This is just a misconception. When you press enter you get a new paragraph and the margin-bottom/margin-top is not 0 and therefore you get some space between different paragraphs.

You can remove the margin on paragraphs if this is what you really want. It is usually better to use ctrl-enter to insert a new line in the same paragraph.

p {
margin: 0;



Hi there...
I get double line feeds in all editable windows...
I get it here in the 'New message' window
I get it in the Rich Edit window
I get it in the todo-thingy

How come?!



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