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 Trying to modify Help Tool Tip, Brett Merkey, April 25, 2004
     Re:Trying to modify Help Tool Tip, Brett Merkey, April 29, 2004

Subject: Trying to modify Help Tool Tip From: Brett Merkey Date: April 25, 2004

Thanks to the WebFX people for a great practical and learning resource!  However, I am seem to be caught in the abstractions of the Help Tool Tip 1.1. Before I'm forced to break it down and rebuild the functionality with old-fashioned syntax, I am taking a short cut and coming here. :-D

The Help Tool Tip has the possibility of providing practical field-level Help for Web applications because the Help topic text can be reused in a referenced .js file provided by the writer, taking a load off the GUI developer.  The tooltip Help is fine  --- but not as links. A better element to show Help from would be the LABEL tag since Web apps are usually based on forms.

Unfortunately, while it is easy to initiate the script from LABEL tags, the resulting tooltip does not seem to be associated with the blur event in any way. The tooltip does not go away by an action than usually triggers a blur event.

Is there reference material around that would allow me to understand this beast enough to link the blur event in this script?




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