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 DHTML Menu 4, Lance Harris, April 20, 2004
     Re:Xtree - node select, Jakob S., April 21, 2004
         Re:Xtree - node select, Erik Arvidsson, April 22, 2004
             Re:Xtree - node select, Rick Ross, April 28, 2004

Subject: Re:Xtree - node select From: Jakob S. Date: April 21, 2004

I found how to do it

in the future why don't you publish the solution and won't bothered with this question again

the solution i found in one of the forums:

/* xTree addons */

function tree_selectItem( sId ) {

var oNode = webFXTreeHandler.all['webfx-tree-object-' + sId];

tree_reveal( oNode );



function tree_reveal( oNode ) {

if( oNode.parentNode ) {


tree_reveal( oNode.parentNode );



You just have to check the item number, and call it.

For example:

<BODY ONLOAD="tree_selectItem('5');">


From: Jakob S.
Sent: April 20, 2004
Subject: Re:Xtree - node select

in Xtree , how do I made a specific node on the tree be selected on page load


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