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 Newbie - How do I get started:, Marty, April 21, 2004
     Re:Newbie - How do I get started:, manuel razzari, April 21, 2004

Subject: Newbie - How do I get started: From: Marty Date: April 21, 2004

Sorry - I'm new to this. I downloaded WebFXTree components - and the USAGE notes: "To create a tree you won't have to write a single line of html however you will have to learn how to to create the tree and treeItem objects."

How do I create the tree & tree item objects. 

I'm doing this in front page and inserted the following:

<script language="JavaScript">
 var tree = new WebFXTree('Root');
 tree.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Tree Item 1'));
 tree.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Tree Item 2'));
 tree.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Tree Item 3'));

but when I try to preview I get:

WebFXTree is undefined - Do you want to continue running scripts.

I assume that the object has to be 'registered' - how do I get started with this?

Thanks, Marty




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