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 Problem with synchronize scrollable table (size limit), Sam, May 13, 2003

Subject: Problem with synchronize scrollable table (size limit) From: Sam Date: May 13, 2003


  I have a major problem with the synchronize scrollable table. The reason why i am using it is because I want to align the headers with the table content in a scrollable table (by using the style, overflow:auto). So I have created a table with a row of headers and a row of table content, and then within each cell of the row of content I put in a sub-table containing rows of data and have a div around each sub-table and have them syncTo the most-right-hand column. However, When the number of rows gets to a huge number like 500, all the sync column fails to scroll (seems like being detached from the onscroll event)

Can anyone shed me some light here, so that i can display a big synchronized scrollable table.




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