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 [URGENT] Little help with idioms, Guilherme Blanco, April 19, 2004
     Re:[URGENT] Little help with idioms, Erik Arvidsson, April 22, 2004
         Re:[URGENT] Little help with idioms, Guilherme Blanco, April 28, 2004

Subject: [URGENT] Little help with idioms From: Guilherme Blanco Date: April 19, 2004
Hello all!

This is not a programming language quesiton, but the answer will be used in it.
I'm writting a date class in PHP, and I'm interested to add more functionality to the current Date package of functions.
A example: if I call $now = date("l"); it'll return me the day of week in English (Sunday, for example).
I'm writting the Date class, to display something like this:
$now = $_DATE->getDayOfWeek("en"); that will return me Sunday. But if I change "en" to "pt", it will return me Domingo (Sunday in Portuguese).
This is the basic operation of my class. There're other features, but it's not important now.

My post is a help request. I want that you write to me the days of week, the months and also the abreviation of them (day of week and month). I also will apreciate if you send me the identifier of language (pt-br is portuguese brazilian. es = spanish, ...).

I wrote English, Portuguese Brazilian, Spanish, French and Italian. But I also want to correct if I made any mistake (so, you can re-send it if you know) and add more language support.

Waiting for responses...

Thanks in advance...

Guilherme Blanco
ICQ: 33288081
São Carlos - SP/Brazil


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