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 Manual Sort - Sortable Table, mem, April 16, 2004
     Re:Manual Sort - Sortable Table, Erik Arvidsson, April 18, 2004

Subject: Manual Sort - Sortable Table From: mem Date: April 16, 2004

I'm trying create links as headers to sort table. Doesn't seem to work correctly. It looks like it's sorting the wrong column. But I double checked the column order and it's correct.

I have <a href="#" onclick="st.sort(0);return false;"></a>.

The link is actually dynmically create via asp. So, as i iterate through the columns i increase the sort column value.

So, response.write "<a href=""#"" onclick=""st.sort(" & Counter & ");return false;""></a>".

Seems to be putting the correct sort value but it's actually not sorting the correct column.

Any help would be great. thanks.



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