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 Browser freezes with xtree, can't isolate problem, Micha , March 24, 2003
     Re:Browser freezes with xtree, can't isolate problem, micha, March 25, 2003

Subject: Re:Browser freezes with xtree, can't isolate problem From: micha Date: March 25, 2003

Sorry, I was not clear enough.

This is how I call the xtree, and somehow it manages to freezes the browsers frequently. I use xtree ic with dhtmlmenu4.

var tree = new WebFXLoadTree("Homepage","treenodes.cfm","javascript:setData()");

setData is:


function setData(){
  nodelabel = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().text : '#qryRoot.label#';
  instanceid = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("instanceid") : #qryRoot.instanceid#;
  parentid = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("parentid") : #qryRoot.parentid#;
  status = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("status") : #qryRoot.status#;
  objectname = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("objectname") : '#qryRoot.objectname#';
  objecttype = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("objecttype") : #qryRoot.objecttype#;
  startdatetime = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("startdatetime") : '#qryRoot.startdatetime#';
  enddatetime = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("enddatetime") : '#qryRoot.enddatetime#';
  version = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("version") : #qryRoot.version#;
  usesversioning = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("usesversioning") : #qryRoot.storeVersion#;
  lastversionid = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("lastversionid") : #qryRoot.lastversionid#;
  lastversion = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("lastversion") : #qryRoot.lastversion#;
  ispageobject = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("ispageobject") : #qryRoot.ispageobject#;
  islocked = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("islocked") : 0;
  islastversionpublished = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("islastversionpublished") : #qryRoot.islastversionpublished#;
  nodecurrent = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("nodecurrent") : 1;
  nodelength = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? tree.getSelected().xmlNode.getAttribute("nodelength") : 1;
  allowcut = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? true : false;
  allowdelete = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? true : false;
  allowpublish = tree.getSelected().xmlNode ? true : false;
  //get instanceid from next node for move down
  nextnode = null;
  prevnode = null;
  if((tree.getSelected().getNextSibling() != null) && (nodecurrent < nodelength)){
   nextnode = tree.getSelected().getNextSibling().xmlNode.getAttribute("instanceid");
  if((tree.getSelected().getPreviousSibling() != null) && (nodecurrent > 1)){
   prevnode = tree.getSelected().getPreviousSibling().xmlNode.getAttribute("instanceid");


From: Erik Arvidsson
Sent: March 24, 2003
Subject: Re:Browser freezes with xtree, can't isolate problem

Do not set the src to "". Just remove the attribute.



I'm using Xtree in combination with XloadTree, and I am running into some problems. Frequently xtree (or xloadtree) totally freezes the browser. I'm using MSIE 6.0 SP1 on Windows XP. The problem occured on other systems to.
I cannot isolate the problem. I don't get any error messages, memory in the taskmanager is not increasing dramatically. When this happens only a few nodes of Xtree are visible, and some others are still busy getting their icons.
This happened since I started to use a src="" on the rootnode of the xtree. What could be wrong? Bugs in the XML file reading of MSIE, could it be freezing on getting CSS data?
It's very frustrating having this problem, and not knowing what makes the freezing taking place.


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