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 event handling pronlem, prasad patil, April 14, 2004
     Re:event handling pronlem, Brian R. James, April 14, 2004

Subject: event handling pronlem From: prasad patil Date: April 14, 2004

Hi all,

I am facing one problem regarding events. The problem is at the same time if there are two events that are getting fired, only one event handler gets called. I have sample code :

<script language="JavaScript">
 function f(){
  alert("inside f");
 function f2(){
  alert("inside f2");

<form name="frm">
 <input type="text" name="a" onchange="f()"/>
 <input type="button" name="b" value="click" onclick="f2()"/>

In this code change the value in the textbox, and without tab-out from textbox click on button. But now only f is getting called though i am expecting f and f2 should be called in order. Can anybody throw light on this?


Prasad Patil.

Caritor(India) Pvt Ltd.



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