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 DHTML Menu 4 - checkbox errors, Jason Johnson, April 12, 2004
     Re:DHTML Menu 4 - checkbox errors, Erik Arvidsson, April 16, 2004

Subject: DHTML Menu 4 - checkbox errors From: Jason Johnson Date: April 12, 2004

First of all, great job on this message board and teh DHTML menu.  It's been great to work with.  I do have 2 issues though.

1.  I just implemented the checkbox menu items for a sorting function I've created and whenever I mouse over any of the checkbox items, it raises a Javascript error on the following piece of code:
    oncloseinterval: function ( id ) {

2. Although much more minor, I have had sporadic issues with the menu completely rendering in IE 6.  Sometimes, it will render with just the vertical icon bar.  If I off the menu and then right-click again, it draws fine.

I also have one last question, I found that I can not use them DHTML Menu for a toolbar similiar to that found in Outlook 2003.  Do you have a toolbar control you'd suggest?

I guess I have one more, is this message board something that I can get the code for to implement within my web-app?

Thanks again for the GREAT controls!



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