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 Autocomplete IE 5.0, Jeff Swartz, July 2, 1999

Subject: Autocomplete IE 5.0 From: Jeff Swartz Date: July 2, 1999

I recently found the following code sample for integrating autocomplete functionality into a web application. This is working fine in IE 4, but I'm unable to get the proper behavior in IE 5. In IE 4, text becomes highlighted as the user types in characters and a matching string is found. In IE 5, however, the highlighting does not occur, and the cursor is positioned at the end of the string, preventing the user from typing the intended phrase.

function update(selObject) { autoHidden.value = autoComplete.value;
 autoComplete.value = find(autoHidden.value,selObject.options);

var r1 = autoComplete.createTextRange();

 var r2 = autoHidden.createTextRange();
 r1.setEndPoint("StartToEnd", r2);

 r1.select(); }

Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.





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