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 GalleryStats for DeviantART, Micah Goulart, April 5, 2004
     Re:GalleryStats for DeviantART, Erik Arvidsson, April 7, 2004
         Re:GalleryStats for DeviantART, Micah Goulart, April 8, 2004

Subject: Re:GalleryStats for DeviantART From: Erik Arvidsson Date: April 7, 2004
Vertical centering of text cannot be achieved using CSS without using tables :'( vertical-align only applies to table cells and replaced content (such as images).

Opera: I get an error about window.addEventListener is not defined... This is very strange because I'm sure this bug was fixed a long time ago... checking Opera's bug tracker... This bug is still open. In the meantime you can use window.attachEvent. Once you get this fixed you should get a lot further. Opera is generally pretty easy to support because its CSS and DOM support is excellent.



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