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 GalleryStats for DeviantART, Micah Goulart, April 5, 2004
     Re:GalleryStats for DeviantART, Erik Arvidsson, April 7, 2004
         Re:GalleryStats for DeviantART, Micah Goulart, April 8, 2004

Subject: GalleryStats for DeviantART From: Micah Goulart Date: April 5, 2004

Hi guys,

I'm sure many of you have heard of DeviantART. I'm a member there and also a DHTML programmer by heart, so I wrote the GalleryStats application for process the galleries of people on DeviantART, adding up comments, favourites, views etc and presenting the data in various visual and textual ways.

Could you guys take a look and evaluate the programming aspect? I tried to make it work in Opera but couldn't. It works in IE 6 and Mozilla. I used a cgi to retrieve the HTML tables from DeviantART using LWP:UserAgent and then returned it to the application using XML-RPC.

For my timeline, I tried to center the text vertically in the middle, but couldnt not do this with css vertical-align. Is there another way? I tried line-height which works when the text is on one line, but fails when it is two or more.






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