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 Saving custom menus, Zohaer, January 3, 2004
     Re:Saving custom menus, Erik Arvidsson, January 3, 2004

Subject: Saving custom menus From: Zohaer Date: January 3, 2004
Well, I am using your menu for a small project that I am doing for provision of aid to underprivilaged and disabeled people.
After having added/removed/altered the menu through your add(new WebFXTreeItem(sText)
and other methods, I want to save the edited menu on my hard disk. So that I can use the menu again.
I tried all sorts of things. I tried to save the generated html code into a text file and load it through my web browser. but it does't work properly.
I have emailed the rendered xtree menu source code to you. kindly look into it.


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