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 Re: WDW2 hangs with IE 6, Mike, January 13, 2004
     Re: WDW2 hangs with IE 6, Erik Arvidsson, January 13, 2004

Subject: Re: WDW2 hangs with IE 6 From: Mike Date: January 13, 2004

Hi Eric,

I am starting a new thread as for some reason I cannot reply to the previous post. Thank you for uploading the new zip file.

What I am tring to do is implementing some of the WDW2 GUI in my framework using COLDFusion as a back end. I was sucesfull, but for some reason when I try to resize the main window or the left frame the system hangs.

I cannot even debug. I made some modifications to the original files, but I cannot figure why it hangs. Even trying to maximize it causes the browser to hang.

I have send you a few emails asking about the price for WDW2 and the xTree.

Please let me know




I've updated the zip files and these now match the ones we are running here.



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