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 DHTML Menu, Nikolai Soumarokov, February 3, 2003

Subject: DHTML Menu From: Nikolai Soumarokov Date: February 3, 2003

First of all, congratulations! Your DHTML Menu is simply amazing; it's by far the best script of this kind I've ever seen. Just a couple of questions: For some reason, I cannot make the tooltips work. I set the .tooltip property for a menu item (as described in the documentation), but nothing happens. Am I missing something? Second, I have noticed that if I place a Menu Bar on a page displayed in a non-scrollable non-resizable horizontal frame with margins set to 0, the menus appear slightly shifted (perhaps 3px to the left and 3px to the top). Outside a frame, the same page works fine. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks! Nikolai.


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