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 XTree cookie persistence and cookie limit?, Zachary Roadhouse, January 30, 2003
     Re:XTree cookie persistence and cookie limit?, Erik Arvidsson, January 31, 2003

Subject: Re:XTree cookie persistence and cookie limit? From: Erik Arvidsson Date: January 31, 2003
Please turn off the cookie persistance.

I'm almost sure that there is a size limitation and not a count limitation when it comes to cookies so rewriting it will not help.



I've run into a problem with XTree (version 1.15) where expanding a large tree using IE6 will cause the session tracking cookie (used by my JSP/Servlet engine) to be lost. After some investigation, I determined that there is a twenty cookie limitation in IE. Since XTree uses a cookie for each node, you can see that for a larger tree (mine has about 200 nodes) twenty values may be insufficient. It would make sense to rewrite the persistence code to track all the node information in a single key/value pair.


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