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 XLoadTree "src" bug?, Tim St.Clair, January 15, 2003
     Re:XLoadTree , Erik Arvidsson, January 15, 2003
         Re:XLoadTree , Mario Rodrigues, January 15, 2004

Subject: XLoadTree "src" bug? From: Tim St.Clair Date: January 15, 2003

I'm seeing an error when using the src param in XLoadTree if it has an ampersand in it. I'm pointing to an asp file which builds the xml. Here's the core code for building the xml file (gettree.asp):

Response.ContentType = "text/xml"
Id = Request.QueryString("Id")
Dest = Request.QueryString("Dest")
sql = "SELECT Name, Id FROM Categories WHERE ParentId = " & Id & " ORDER BY txtName"
rs.Open SQL, conn, 1, 3
Response.Write "<?xml version=""1.0"" ?>"
Response.Write "<tree>"
Do While Not rs.EOF
 Response.Write "<tree text=""" & rs("Name") & """ "
  Response.Write "src=""gettree.asp?Id=" & rs("Id") & "&Dest=" & Dest & """ "
  Response.Write "/>"
Response.Write "</tree>"

You can see "src" pointing to itself with a querystring containing a ? and a ampersand (&). If I get rid of "&dest=" etc and just have it without the extra querystring parameter, it works fine. With an & (or &amp; ) in the src, the xml file fails to load. If you remove the response.contenttype and view the xml in IE, it looks well-formed and doesn't throw an error.

Any ideas?


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