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 grid observations, Brian Duffy, January 8, 2003

Subject: grid observations From: Brian Duffy Date: January 8, 2003

To be more clear about the rollover highlite... When I drag the mouse over the grid without clicking on anything, the rows highlight. Clearly a onmouseover and onmouseout event is being triggered and used. For some reason this behavior is very slow and completely stops working after a few seconds.

Also ..

The column resizing works but sometimes the columns both to the left and right of the sizing cursor are adjusted. For instance in the demo if I grab the Author column and drag to the left, the Category column moves to the right when it seems to me it should just stay still.

In certain situations the columns continue to adjust even after I have moved the cursor off of the header column and released the mouse button. I'm betting you are already aware of this limitation from generic resize. 

The column headers and the rows below them do not line up perfectly. This is true when the grid loads as well as when columns are resized. Usually, just by 1 to 3 pixels or so.

It would be nice if there was an option to hide the ID column on the grid.

When developing complex widgets I try to include ID tags on the various comonents that make them up so that I can identify them with the event.srcElement property. This way I can use code to prevent the default browser behavior of highlighting text in a table cell for instance.

Something like this :

function disable_select() {

   tempstr = event.srcElement.id;

   if (tempstr == "webfx_grid" || tempstr == "some_other_widget") {
      return false;
      return true;

document.onselectstart = disable_select;

If you click outside the grid and then drag the mouse over the grid while holding down the mouse button you will notice that all of the cells become highlited like on any normal html page. This is what I am trying to avoid in my intranet apps. Unfortunately, not all the table elements of your grid are supplied with an id defining them as part of the grid.

I hope you don't find these to nitpicky. I just want to mention everything I see because I love the basics of the grid ! It is the only dhtml grid I have seen with the potential to be used in enterprise level apps. And as I mentioned I was developing this on my own so I had to work through some of these problems already, and I would rather spend time developing apps than widgets, so I am your most enthusiastic supporter :-).

I like the idea of a known bugs database. Even just a simple page listing the known bugs for this grid would be good. I hate to be annoying you with things you are already aware of.



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