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 onbeforeunload, Dileepa Wijay, March 21, 2004
     Re:onbeforeunload, Guilherme Blanco, March 22, 2004
         Re:onbeforeunload, Dileepa Wijay, March 22, 2004
             Re:onbeforeunload, Guilherme Blanco, March 23, 2004
                 Re:onbeforeunload, Erik Arvidsson, March 26, 2004

Subject: onbeforeunload From: Dileepa Wijay Date: March 21, 2004

i have this piece of code:

<Body onbeforeunload="processclose()">

function processClose() {
    event.returnValue = "do u want to close?";

IE shows a confirm dialog with the above message.  How do i get the return value of the confim box true/false value ?



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