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 Drag elements past viewable screen..., Samuel, January 12, 2004
     Re:Drag elements past viewable screen..., Gianna, January 12, 2004
         Re:Drag elements past viewable screen..., Erik Arvidsson, January 13, 2004

Subject: Re:Drag elements past viewable screen... From: Gianna Date: January 12, 2004
In Internet Explorer you should be able to get this to work by checking when the event object's clientY property is equal to the document.body.scrollTop (or document.body.scrollTop + document.body.scrollHeight for scrolling down). When it's equal, call document.body.doScroll. The parameters for doScroll are described here:


Hope this helps,

I need to drag elements on a site I'm currently working on. The problem isn't to make things move around. This was done a lot of time and you can find a lot of information over the Web. My problem is that I need to be able to drag something from the bottom of a page to the top.
When I come to the top of the viewable screen, the page do no scroll up (or down when I'm at the bottom of the screen). I have searched forums and turorials but I can't find any exemple on how to accomplish that.
Anyone got a link or a quick exemple on how to scroll the page when comming to top and/or bottom of the page when dragging an element ?


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