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 Combo box problems, Luke, November 12, 2002
     Re:Combo box problems, Erik Arvidsson, November 12, 2002

Subject: Re:Combo box problems From: Erik Arvidsson Date: November 12, 2002
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You may have a bug in your Combo Box. Like many other respondents, I have noticed the Combo Box doesn't work well in forms the way you say it should. I even clicked on the link you provided with YOUR example (http://webfx.eae.net/dhtml/combobox/combo_form_demo.html) and it didn't work right (on your own site). In your example, the Combo Box sits right on top of the Submit button. Positioning the Combo Box seems to be a big problem. Maybe "This has been answered way too many times already" because you have a real problem. If you had a practical example that worked, you probably wouldn't get so many questions on the same subject.
One last note. Comments like "This has been answered way too many times already" is not likely to win you any accolades with your target audience. The bottom line is: either there is a problem with your documentation or with the Combo Box component. You would probably be wiser to fix the problem (or not) instead of taking out your frustrations on your users.
From: Erik Arvidsson
Sent: September 26, 2002
Subject: Re:ComboBox problems
This has been answered way too many times already. Use the second argument as described in the API document.
From: Blazo
Sent: September 25, 2002
Subject: Re:ComboBox problems
Hi, i just tried your ComboBox in one of my forms and it doesn't work (good).
The fact is that my form uses tables to nicely position form fields and ComboBox does not work inside a table (<TD> tag). I had to put it inside <BODY> and attached it to a <DIV> inside a table to position it correctly.
Next, the ComboBox is not part of the <FORM> (form itself is inside a table) and i have to use javascript to paste the value into a hidden <INPUT> field.
Can you somehow correct this two issues since i'm not expert at javascript.


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