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 Issue with Splash Screen script, Joseph Reynolds, October 29, 2002
     Re:Issue with Splash Screen script, Joseph Reynolds, October 31, 2002

Subject: Issue with Splash Screen script From: Joseph Reynolds Date: October 29, 2002

Hi everyone :)

I am working on a project where we are using IE in kiosk mode and need to open a new browser in kiosk mode or fullscreen. I have successfully used your script to do this but with one exception. I have outlined the issue below.

Basically what happens is that we are getting a right hand scroll bar when the screen is set to maximum height and width. This doesn't happen when we initially launch the broswer in kiosk mode with the -k flag. Just when the new window is launched via the script.

I thought it may have been the html but I tried it on a blank document and it still did it. Does anyone know what may be causing it? All the values are the same with the exception of the window size and we are using window.screen.height and window.screen.width calls to determine the system's resolution so that it covers the underlying browser window.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks..

Joe Reynolds


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