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 Menu Problem, Tony Hardin, October 28, 2002
     Re:Menu Problem, Anonymous, October 29, 2002
         Re:Menu Problem, Tony Hardin, October 29, 2002
             Re:Menu Problem, Erik Arvidsson, October 29, 2002
                 Re:Menu Problem, Tony Hardin, October 30, 2002
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                         Re:Menu Problem, Fidelio, January 3, 2003

Subject: Re:Menu Problem From: Anonymous Date: October 29, 2002

I had a similar problem when we changed the dhtml menu script to respond to mouse-over events. It only appeard in browsers with the specific "IE cache setting" set to "Always load page from server". The solution was to either move the css-file to a second http-server or to reference the css-file with file:///directory/menu.css.

Hope that helps, 

P.S: Eric, did you have a solution or an idea for this ?

From: Tony Hardin
Sent: October 28, 2002
Subject: Re:Menu Problem


I'd like to use your menu, but have discovered a bug. If you click on a menu, then drag the mouse left or right to select another menu, sometimes if going quickly you can open what appears to be a never-ending loop as IE (6) tries to download the stylesheet. I've tried moving the css to the page, but the script needs the pointer to the css file.



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